High Pressure Valves

You don’t thrive for more than 100 years because you’re lucky. It takes quality products, constant innovation, and above all, a dedication to the customer. From a pioneer in the development of regulators to a global leader delivering a comprehensive line of flow control products, RegO® has always kept our customers’ interests first.

Quality matters. Industrial gas applications have no room for leaks. That’s why we design, manufacture, and test 100% of our products, and can offer a 10-year warranty. RegO products work better and last longer.

Innovative products, processes and people. We invest in technology and training to deliver flow control products designed to reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and ensure an efficient, safe work flow. To see through the complete RegO-GODDARD brochure for cryogenic applications please click here

The individual data sheets on the RegO/GODDARD products are here available for download

The HP9560 Series high pressure brass valves are used on cylinder filling panels, tube trailers, and high pressure manifolds and piping systems. The HP9560 Series exhibits a very low operating torque under pressure for ease of manual operation.

The 7160 series valves are designed for use with oxygen and all fuel gases at station outlets of line distribution systems such as welders  benches, cutting stations, hospital rooms, etc.

The complete RegO brochure on cryogenic applications can be downloaded here